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My Choice - Final !

My goal has changed slightly with the introduction of the 2022 Profitec 800 lever machine.

Main reason being that it hits all the requirements with very small additional budget.
The base line machine was to go for the ECM Synchronika - I was looking at dropping the spec down to the Tecknica listed prior to this post - This gave me the best compromise on features and price. The thought was to spend some extra at a later date to add the wood for the aesthetic's that I want - Which ultimately brought the saving to nil over the base of what I wanted from the synchronika.

The 2022 Profitec cost is marginally higher but has the wood trim - PID - quiet operating (Plumbed it's zero noise) plus a very large steamer. The look suits 100% what I am going for ! Plus the added extras it makes a "better value" option in the end giving the full package from day 1, with no extras required for less than £100 over the baseline Synchronika!

I will go ahead with this purchase, delay the grinder purchase for a while and live with pre-ground stuff (or use the kitchen's grinder) until I can purchase a matching grinder!

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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